Monday, February 20, 2012

MARDI GRAS 2012-- "Bacchus Sunday" Part One

Decorations courtesy of our neighbors!
On “Bacchus Sunday” the Pastor of St. Henry Parish traditionally had an Open House at the rectory for all and sundry.  It was a notable event, and is written up in a volume called “THE JOY OF Y’AT CATHOLICISM” a humorous reflection on aspects of Catholic culture in New Orleans.  We have continued that custom by hosting an Open House downstairs at the Volunteer Community residence since the suppression of the parish a few years ago.  It is an all day affair, since there are a number of parades: 11 AM-Okeanos, Noon-Toth and 5:15 PM- Bacchus.  This year, because of inclement weather on Saturday, two other parades also rolled in Uptown, beginning at 10 AM.

This year we added another event at the house and hosted a brunch upstairs for folks who worked with “Operation Helping Hands” to celebrate the wonderful community of volunteers who were such a wonderful example of service and commitment to those most in need.

Bob and Emily Stieber prepared blueberry pancakes and ‘Bellinis’  [a mimosa with a shot of peach schnapps for the uninitiated] while David and Sarah Harms supplied the often costumed guests with pulled pork sandwiches.  The gathering enabled the OHH crowd to swap stories and get their costumes ready.  Yes there are costumes for the parade viewers as well as the riders on the floats.  Remember, this is New Orleans.  Did we mention face painting?  [It turns out the Emily not only flips a mean pancake, evidently she also does hair and make-up.]

When pictures of the Open House appear, I will do a Part Two.  Following are pictures of the brunch.  The title of the collection is:  "They are as happy as if they are normal." 



Emily is applying the face paint for Molly--pancake flipping is done.


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