Sunday, August 26, 2012


Ten young people from the United Kingdom, with six Ursuline Sisters came to dinner with us on Saturday evening, August 25.  Sr. Kathleen Colmer, and Sr. Catherine Kelly accompanied the students who included one young man, Scott Willans, who stayed with us on a previous trip in 2010.  His girl friend, Sarah, was on both trips.  The group volunteered with the St. Bernard Project, which continues efforts at rebuilding flood ravaged areas of New Orleans.  The coordinator for the trip, Sr. Regina Marie Fronmuller and Sr. Ginger Cirone joined us as did Sr. Carla Dolce, Prioress, and Sr. Donna Hyndman from the Ursuline Convent.  We usually house several young men who come with the group but other accommodations were found for Scott.  We wanted to keep our connection with the project, so we had the dinner!
Some of our guests [the Sisters] had to leave early for the Saints game!

Our young guests laid flooring and learned a lot about construction during their week of service.  Saturday was a free day and many went to the French Quarter.  They commented on the number of people, young and old, dressed in New Orleans Saints colors for game day.  The amount of powdered sugar on the beignets at Café du Monde, and the street musicians and artists also made lasting impressions.  We Americans complimented our British guests on the superb Olympics and the budding acting career of the Queen.

We trust our visitors noted that the Saints won over the Houston Texans, 34-27.  Geaux Saints!

Br. Charles is due in Sunday evening at 4:40 PM after a week with relatives in Seattle.  Our volunteers are also due.  Matthew Beben has been in town a week and a half; Travis Wain and John Petrullo are on the way from Memphis.  There is a lottery for rooms developed and run by Brother Bob.  There is one rather small room but that person gets a big closet across the hall.  

Now we are watching weather reports of Hurricane Isaac.  John leaves Tuesday to facilitate a retreat at Vancouver College, British Columbia, hopefully ahead of Isaac!

FOOD FOR THOUGHT:  From a letter to the editor of the Times Picayune this week:

“As the first home game for the New Orleans Saints approached -- even though it was only preseason -- I was reminded of an old news story that poked fun at New Orleans. It basically said that "we don't get it down here.”

Drew Brees and son after Super Bowl win
It is my belief that they don't get it up ­-- or out -- there. People can visit New Orleans, people can read about New Orleans and people can hear about New Orleans, but unless you live here, or have lived here, you won't get it. 

That is why we were able to rebuild after Hurricanes Betsy, Camille and Katrina. This city gets in your blood, this city gets in your soul -- and THAT is why we can come together and celebrate any occasion, especially the Saints.

Those poor out-of-towners with their counties will never understand a parish, will never grasp lagniappe, or a roux, or a second line, or the Saints and what they mean to this city. From the front office people to the coaching staff, this team has done more for this city's spirit than any outsider could fathom. This team concept is what makes New Orleans the great city that it is.

We are diverse, but we are one. We are of different races, backgrounds and creeds, but we are one. We are New Orleanians. Geaux, Saints, geaux! “

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