Monday, June 24, 2013


Looking west on Constance Street towards St. Henry's Church

Charles left for Seattle on Wednesday, the 19th about the same time as our neighbor, Glenn,  from across Constance Street, placed two large planters on either side of our front gate.  He had already done a lot to beautify the area and complement the “Confederate jasmine” planted by Caitlyn, Kyle and Vincent in 2009.  It has grown over the wall so when seen from across the street there is a mass of green with white flowers instead of a gray wall.  When thanked for their generosity, our neighbors’ reply is: “Well, it’s what we look at!”
Note the planters--thank you, neighbors!

On Thursday Br. Arthur Williams, who teaches Math at Guadalupe Regional Middle School in Brownsville, Texas came by.  He and David Concannon are our community in Brownsville at Guadalupe, a scholarship school which teaches immigrant children from extremely modest means.  It is a two day journey here; Arthur is an intrepid traveler and a welcome guest.  Arthur and Br. John enjoyed the second floor porch where there is often a breeze even on hot, humid days.  Travis and Br. John furnished the porch with donations from benefactors; we can use the porch now that it has been rebuilt.  It is popular with the younger set also; they seem to use it much later in the evening when their elders have retired for the night.

Matt had a visitor for the weekend; Isaac was a fellow student at Catholic University of America and now is working in DC.  While they toured on Saturday, Br. Bob continued with the porch reconstruction.
Br. Bob assures us when finished it'll be good for 60 years.
 Since John Petrullo leaves us on Saturday, June 29th, the question often posed is: “What have you yet to see?”  So last Saturday, Br. John and Travis went with John to eat at Landry’s, a seafood place looking out on Lake Pontchartrain [John does not eat any seafood and had a burger; Travis and Br. John split appetizers like lemonade fried shrimp, crab crawfish beignets, and a small square baked spoonbread {?}—they were spectacular.] 
The water was up to the third step on Saturday

Then they sat on the stepped concrete floodwall that edges the brackish estuary that is Lake Pontchartrain.  There was a light breeze and, thankfully, it was a bit overcast; there were folks fishing, some recreational watercraft and no crowds. Lakeshore Drive has been reengineered since Hurricane Katrina and provides parking, scenic views, picnic spots and a nice breeze off the water.  It is a lovely spot to while away some time on a pleasant afternoon.

Matt Beben took his guest to the airport early Monday morning; Travis went to work with John Petrullo at Lantern Light.  Travis wanted to familiarize himself with this possibility for ministry next year. 
On the volunteer front, Br. Bob mentioned there may be a third volunteer next year from Iona College!  Evidently she has been involved in a program in Russia but will be getting her paperwork in soon. So we may have three from Iona; Travis and two young ladies. 


The tended lawn and image of the Blessed Mother means a great deal to many of our visitors who knew this place years ago, or have just discovered it.

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