Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Bob, John, Erika, Charles, Travis and Lauren at Royal House in the French Quarter

Travis Wain accepted a full-time, volunteer position with the HARRY TOMPSON CENTER after a discernment process with Sr. Monica Gundler, SC.  The Center operates in the same Rebuild Center as LANTERN LIGHT, but offers different services.  Among them have been shower and laundry facilities for the homeless.  This service is now being offered on a much larger scale at the nearby Veteran’s Hospital and the Harry Tompson Center agreed to manage it.  Travis will be the supervisor for volunteers, including  formerly homeless who will operate the expanded facility at the Veteran’s Hospital.  He has been volunteering these past weeks at LANTERN LIGHT where Erika Enlund works.  http://www.harrytompsoncenter.org/what

Lauren Zanfardino volunteered at LANTERN LIGHT during her autumn break from LANGSTON HUGHES CHARTER SCHOOL, and the three volunteers have done some further exploration of cultural venues in NOLA.  We believe they discovered the dance club with three separate spaces that was frequented by our first group: Caitlyn, Vincent and Kyle!   http://www.fandmpatiobar.com/

John began a program called LSVT BIG for people with Parkinson’s; the program involves four hour-long sessions with a therapist [occupational or physical] each week for four weeks, and required exercises at home!   http://www.touro.com/LSVT 

On Friday evening and Saturday, John attended the Advisory Board meeting of the House of Charity, a collaborative venture of several Sisters of Charity orders and the Daughters of Charity; the house is in New Orleans.  John, two laywomen and a dozen or so Charities [representing orders like the New York, Halifax, Cincinnati, and Leavenworth Charities] worked on vision and mission statements and how to respond to the needs of Church and society in New Orleans, faithful to the Charity charism as understood today.  John registered the intensity level right up there with LSVT BIG.  

We also noted the write-up in “Give Us This Day” on Eileen Egan, a founder of Pax Christi, originator of the phrase “seamless garment of life” and sister of Br. John Mark Egan, CFC after whom Egan Hall at Iona College is named.  Our three Tara Knights from Iona College heard a few reflections from the Brothers about Eileen, Mark and their brother, Francis.
The House of Charity offers hospitality and contemplative reflection to groups of young persons, religious and groups affiliated with the Charities for a week at a time.  Our program offers a year-long experience to three volunteers.
Our community with our hosts, Sisters and Daughters of Charity
John brought pictures of the current and past Christian Brother Volunteer Communities for the introduction session, the Sisters were intrigued and invited the volunteer community to dinner at Royal House in the French Quarter on Saturday night—and all accepted!  The place was noisy and crowded; the food was great; the companionship enlivening; we treated our hosts to dessert at Sucre on Magazine Street—the gelato is not to be missed. 

Charles managed all this after spending four hours on Saturday at the live telecast of the Metropolitan Opera’s production of Tchaikovsky’s “Eugene Onegin” at a theater in Harrahan, Louisiana.

Cool weather has come to New Orleans; low 70’s in the early morning on Monday and Tuesday.

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