Friday, May 29, 2015


The last days of May brought both torrential rains with thunder and lightning and glorious days of sun and blue skies to New Orleans; tourism is back so much that Cafe du Monde, famed for its beignets, is expanding to handle the crowds!  Sadly violence still wracks the city and bizarre stories abound.  Just today there was an article: “Central City melee leaves 1 injured, 2 arrested” in the Times Picayune about a neighborhood battle among adults, not teenagers facing off with sticks and bats.  The arrested were two women, ages 51 and 24; the injured party was 34.  No reason yet determined.  It appears training for peaceful conflict resolution is a priority.  At the same time, the city has celebrated a host of festivals, around food and music, which have gone off peacefully and joyfully.  Meanwhile, back at the Blessed Pauline Center, we are in transition.

 The community is in the midst of preparing for departures and arrivals, [sounds like an airport.]  Sean Whitty spent several days with us, settled on a room, observed and participated in the ministry at Lantern Light with Br. Charles. Holy Faith Sisters Nancy and Pauline joined us one evening to welcome him.  Sean hopes to be here by late August when Bob Koppes will return to assist the volunteer community during orientation for a new year.

We had some unexpected yet very welcome visitors during the month:  Allison Maraldo and Aaron Cook were in from Houston and picked up a bike she left during Mardi Gras.  On another Saturday Caitlyn De Castro, her sister [now residing in Baton Rouge] and a cousin stopped by for a brief visit while in NOLA for the day.

Ginger, Bob, Carolyn, Charles and Donna behind Mary Ann, John and Carla
On May 19th, we had a dinner at the Nashville Convent next to shrine of Our Lady of Prompt Succor with the Ursuline Community: Sr. Mary Ann Holmes, Prioress, Carolyn Marie Brockland, Ginger Cirone, Carla Dolce, Regina Marie Fronmuller and Donna Hyndman.  They sent us home with a key lime pie we savored for dessert at two dinners.

On May 26, Charles and John welcomed Sr. Maria del Rosario, SCC, Superior General of the Sisters of Christian Charity, and Sisters Joanne, Mary Kim and another Joanne, for lunch at 4219 Constance, the first foundation, in 1873, of Blessed Pauline von Mallinckrodt in the United States.  Sr. Mary Kim brought dessert, a homemade apple pie with thin slices of apple and the perfect amount of cinnamon in an exemplary crust.  Sr Maria del Rosario is from the Argentine and knows Colegio Cardinal Newman in Buenos Aires where our Brothers have been missioned for many years.
Charles, Sr. Mary Kim, Sr. Maria del Rosario, John and Sr. Joanne Ladwig
At the end of the month our second new member, Jim Mc Donald spent just two full days with us.  On his last evening we were joined by three Ursuline Sisters, one of whom, Sr. Regina Fronmuller worked with him in Chicago!  He hopes to move to NOLA in July.


Erika and new love:  Figaro.  Our Karen knows...
From Erika Enlund, [2013-14] to Br. John this month

“I had a lovely and relaxing four days off between the spring and summer semesters. I'm taking three courses this summer so that I can graduate by May of 2016. I did well this semester grades-wise but I did struggle a bit emotionally and considered not returning. . . . However, I decided that it’s best to stick it out and that there was a reason I felt pulled into the program so that has to count for something.

I can only picture the look, over the top of your glasses, ending in a smirk. Say hi to Karen for me!”

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